Poll: Majority of voters would rather investigate BLM, Antifa riots compared to less than half that want January 6th probe
· · Jul 22, 2021 · NottheBee.com

It looks like a majority of Americans don't have double-standards on rioting after all.

According to a poll conducted by Rasmussen and the National Police Association (NPA), 66% of likely voters said want Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa protests from 2020 to be investigated.

There were at least 574 violent protests in 2020 that included assaults on police officers, looting, and arson.

"Majorities of every racial group and political affiliation support a congressional investigation of last year's protests," Rasmussen reports.

"Sixty-seven percent (67%) of whites, 64% of black voters, 66% of Hispanics and 62% of other minorities think Congress should investigate the 2020 riots in U.S. cities. Seventy-five percent (75%) of Republicans, 60% of Democrats and 63% of voters not affiliated with either major party say Congress should investigate last year's violent protests."

For the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th, 42% do not support an investigation, while 49% support investigating it.

Here are some more results from the poll of voters:

  • 63% "think participants in the nationwide 2020 rioting and looting should be criminally charged, as were those who took part in the January 6 Capitol riot."
  • 62% "believe that elected officials who downplay the nationwide 2020 rioting and looting deserve to be criticized."
  • 51% "believe politicians deserve criticism for downplaying the January 6 Capitol riot."
  • 76% "believe young people should be taught to comply with police rather than resist or flee arrest."
  • Less than 20% think "law enforcement funding should be cut, while a majority of voters want more funding for police."

"When the mayors of cities in which violent riots took place in 2020 refused to let police immediately stop the crimes taking place, it sent a message to violent criminals across the nation that crimes will be allowed and criminals won't be touched," NPA said in a statement.

"For the last year violent crimes have increased nationally and the lack of support from politicians has resulted in the number of police officers declining into a short staffing recruitment and retention crisis."

In short, this poll tells us the majority of the American people (from every race and political affiliation) not only want the riots of 2020 to be investigated, but they support more funding and compliance with the police.

It also means the balloonheads who act like the Capitol Hill riot was worse than 9/11 or even "1,000% worse" than 9/11 are the minority.


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