Racial Justice Now Means Taking on Birds, I Guess?
· Jun 14, 2021 · NottheBee.com

The cancel-culture trend of re-naming sports teams and taking down statues has gotten to another level. They're now coming after the birds.

Birds are being canceled because of their racist names.

Bird Names for Birds is a grassroots initiative, with a horribly uncreative name, that is intending to change names of birds. They claim many birds have been named after problematic people– specifically in North America.

According to their website, the vast majority of names were applied to birds by Europeans and American naturalists during colonialism.

"European countries subjugated, exploited, and populated territories held by non-white peoples. To legitimize this endeavor, the concept of race as a classification system was developed, and the white ‘race' and civilization were considered superior to all others. The impacts of colonialism were global, and the false concept of race used to justify colonialism resulted in the reality of racism, a reality which has structured societies, interactions, and even survival ever since."

The initiative identified 150 birds that they believe need to be re-named because "they perpetuate colonialism and the racism associated with it."

They call themselves birders and they are on a mission to end racism one step at a time, starting with the birds.

They are already making headway. Last year, the American Ornithological Society renamed McCown's longspur– after Confederate Gen. John Porter McCown– as the thick-billed longspur.

A great win for birders everywhere… 🙄

Last Tuesday, June 7th, the AOS announced they will make recommendations for guidelines on how to identify and change "harmful English bird names."

They state,

"AOS is committed to anti-racism and unequivocally supports increasing diversity and inclusion in ornithology, including efforts to change problematic bird names that are harmful or otherwise act as barriers to participation in ornithology and the enjoyment of birds."

Next time you see a majestic bird effortlessly flying around and gently perching on a tree, think about the horrible racist it could have been named after and please, stop enjoying yourself.

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