Rape and murder in Atlanta is already on track to beat last year's numbers, which were already at a 30-year high 😨😞
· · Feb 22, 2022 · NottheBee.com

This is going to play out over and over again in cities across the country in the coming months and years, so we'd better get used to it—but it's important that it be reported, loudly and often, as it does:

Homicides in Atlanta are on track to beat last year's 30-year high of 158 murders while rapes are up 236% after a soft-on-crime mayor and pandemic lockdowns sent crime in the city spiraling.

Atlanta Police Department statistics revealed on Friday, that homicides are up 43 percent for 2022 compared to the same period, from January 1 to February 12, in 2021. In total, there were 20 homicides so far in 2022 compared to 14 last year.

Rapes are also up an astounding 236 percent, with 37 reported so far this year, compared to 11 at the same time in 2021.

Burglaries are also up 18 percent from last year, with 229 reported as of February 12 compared to 191 at the same time in 2021, and shoplifting cases are up 4 percent, with 164 cases thus far in 2022 compared to 157 last year.

Residents of Atlanta as they watch the city's crime rates go up, up, up:

I mean, look, maybe we should have predicted that the multi-pronged effects of economically devastating lockdowns, mass BLM-sponsored rioting, a complete lack of response to spiking crime rates, useless woke leadership, and a completely demonized police force might have had a negative effect on Atlanta and other American cities.

It's a shame there was nobody around to sound the alarm bell on this stuff aside from pretty much every conservative commentator in the world (and even a few of the liberal ones)!

Meanwhile, crime in Atlanta has been so bad for so long that one neighborhood legitimately wants to secede from the city:

Last year, the rising crime pushed residents in Atlanta's wealthiest suburb to announce they planned to secede from the city last year, and even introduced a bill in Georgia's legislature to de-annex the suburb.

The leader of the movement, Bill White, the CEO of Buckhead City Committee (BCC), said they wanted to create their own police department as crime skyrocketed throughout the area - where the average house price is $1.4 million.

'We are living in a war zone in Buckhead,' White told Bloomberg Businessweek. 'Shootings and killings, it just never ends.'

Look... I'm just gonna go ahead and get it out in the open: folks in Georgia should be careful about any sort of mention of secession, like, in any context.

Because historically, that hasn't worked out so well.

Still, that's how bad it's gotten in the ATL. No good at all.


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