Remember how Biden said he wouldn't build a single foot of the border wall? Yeah, about that...
· · May 13, 2021 ·

On the campaign trail last year, Biden said he would not build "another foot of wall" on the border.

To quote:

"There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration." - Joe Biden, August 4, 2020

Once he got into office, Biden quickly made good on that promise, halting the wall immediately. The woke broke out in song, declaring how America had defeated racism and xenophobia once and for all.

A few short months later, with a crisis at the border that's getting worse by the day, it seems Biden is going to build at least some of Orange Man Bad's new wall after all:

The irony was not lost on people who know anything about border security, immigration, human nature, or walls:

To be fair (and to please the almighty fact-checkers), Biden is only completing a 13.4-mile stretch of new levee wall along the Rio Grande Valley, so he's not expanding on the wall. The Army Corps of Engineers is going to finish the installation of new levees to keep flooding from being an issue during the hurricane season.

But here's the point: Joe Biden was so desperate to axe every one of Trump's policies and label them as evil that he threw out the baby with the bathwater.

He ordered the wall to stop immediately on his first day of office without considering that there might have been sections like this that need to be finished to protect residents from flooding.

Or, you know, that flinging open the doors to mass migration through policy changes might lead to mass levels of human trafficking and little kids being dumped in the middle of nowhere in 100º heat.

That kind of political derangement is sure to have consequences.

As for Trump, I imagine he is somewhere deep in Mar-a-Lago right now, doing a little dance that the wall is being built and Joe Biden is paying for it.


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