Snowflakes at Politico freaked out and even held an emergency meeting after Ben Shapiro was allowed to guest-write a "heavily edited" piece for Politico Playbook
· Jan 15, 2021 ·

Man, Ben Shapiro sure does have a way about him that just completely triggers the libs, doesn't he? I bet on occasion if he just politely says "hi" to a liberal on the street they/them find a way to cry about it. That's why he sells that tear-collecting tumbler, I suppose.

Well, Shapiro has triggered the libs once again. (Are you surprised?)

The conflict began when Shapiro penned a beautiful newsletter for the hugely popular Politico Playbook yesterday which answered as to why most house Republicans didn't vote to impeach President Trump on Wednesday.

Here's the gist of what he said:

Opposition to impeachment comes from a deep and abiding conservative belief that members of the opposing political tribe want their destruction, not simply to punish Trump for his behavior. Republicans believe that Democrats and the overwhelmingly liberal media see impeachment as an attempt to cudgel them collectively by lumping them in with the Capitol rioters thanks to their support for Trump.

Well, you may have guessed that this triggered every single snowflake on Politico's staff. According to the Daily Beast, the outrageous move to allow Ben Shapiro to be published on their website led to a "heated afternoon Zoom call" that "reportedly attracted at least 225 attendees."

The Daily Beast goes on:

several employees compared Shapiro to right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and questioned Kaminski's response that such comparisons are false equivalences. Another staffer said the top editor was "dismissive" of the concerns brought up throughout the chat.

So these staff members seem to be sincere, and they bear no resemblance whatsoever to liberal college students who cry "fascist" every time Shapiro shows up on campus. Not to mention the fact that these ironically uneducated students often interrupt Shapiro so he can't get his point across.

And check this out:

Let me say this: if you work in an environment where you can't speak up and are forced to censor yourself while snowflakes speak their mind freely…


However, I've got to give it up for Editor in Chief Matthew Kaminski, who assured his staff that Shapiro's guest appearance was okay with him. And I'm sure the snowflakes will be calling for his removal asap.

"We published a piece by a very prominent writer, provocateur, and podcaster. We stand by every word in there, it was very closely edited," the outlet's top editor Matt Kaminski said as part of his response to staffers during a Thursday meeting.

At another point, the top editor added, "Mischief making has always been a part of Politico's secret sauce. We were an upstart. Some of that sensibility is always going to be a part of this publication."

Shapiro responded to the uproar as you would expect. He simply owned the libs again:

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