Here's some socialism for ya: Venezuela just unveiled a MILLION-BOLIVAR bill ... and it's worth about 50 cents
· Mar 10, 2021 ·

Because of wicked hyperinflation caused by socialism, Venezuela, which not long ago was one of the strongest and most prosperous economies in South America, has seen the value of its currency drop 99.999%.

Well, as they say...

So the Central Bank of Venezuela just announced 3 new banknotes it's putting into circulation, worth 200,000, 500,000, and one MILLION bolivars.

That one-million-bolivar note? Yeah, it's worth about 50 cents.

Yeah, 50 Cent. That's $0.50. Two quarters.

Want another example of how bad is it in Venezuela?

Bloomberg created a tool called its "Cafe Con Leche Index," which keeps track of how much it costs to order a cup of coffee in a bakery in Caracas, Venezuela.

It now costs 2,797,500 bolivars to order that one cup of coffee.

Imagine paying $2.8 million for a cup of coffee.

Socialism. Not even once.

P.S. That BRRRRRRRRRRRR sound you hear is the U.S. federal government continuing to print money as though there will be no consequences...

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