Somebody upscaled the Apollo 16 lunar rover footage to 4k 60fps and it's mesmerizing
· · Feb 18, 2021 ·

In honor of NASA's planned "Perserverance" rover landing today at 2:15pm EST, let's just all admit that rovers are cool. Sure, I might have more of an affinity for them than others, considering my first job out of grad school was supposed to be helping to design the new lunar rover for the Constellation space program. But it was never meant to bee.

Way back in 2009, President Obama had other plans, and somehow I ended up doing my own thing before eventually partnering with my brother to own the Babylon Bee, Disrn, Thinkr and Not the Bee.

Not a bad tradeoff, actually, but it may not be quite as cool as driving a car around on an alien celestial object.

Despite the change of plans, I still love me a good Lunar Rover video, and this one is mesmerizing. Denis Shiryaev took the time to upscale Apollo 16's hand-cam footage to 4k 60fps, and it's pretty fun to watch. Maybe I just secretly wish I had the chance to go up there and ride around myself on a rover I designed, or maybe it's just fun to see the footage the way it looked to the human eye. Either way, it's a nice way to spend 2 minutes...


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