Watch: Trader Joe's employees scream at a maskless army of shoppers that enter their store, refuse to let them buy food

Feb 18th

A group of maskless shoppers decided to commit the sin of showing their faces in public at a Trader Joe's in Santa Cruz, California.

The staff responded to this evil display of smiling people in a well ventilated store with the appropriate level of compassion and respect:

"Nobody wants you here."

"You're breaking the law."

"You're wasting your time."

"We're not gonna serve you. If you guys want to leave with that, it's theft, there's cops."

A local outlet covered the "volatile" situation. If you need a good laugh, here's their article.

Watch the full grocery encounter and marvel at how upside down our fear-riddled world is today:

My favorite moments included the greeter, who looked like she was trying to stop radioactive material from entering the building:

This employee who refused to let people buy food:

And this super woke, super white dude who kept this aNti-sCiEnCe Asian man from getting potato chips and tells him to "go get his money" back before throwing the chips away:

After the encounter, the group reportedly went back out into the parking lot, where their risk of dying in an automotive incident was several thousand times higher than ever dying from COVID-19.


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