StUnNiNg aNd BrAvE! Sports Illustrated Features Trans Model ON THE COVER Of The Swimsuit Issue
· Jul 20, 2021 ·

To the consternation of many a teenage boy, Sports Illustrated has gone full stunning and brave. The magazine has chosen to put a biological male on the cover of their swimsuit issue.

Back in March, Joel A. told you all about how Sports Illustrated would feature a transgender "woman," Leyna Bloom, in their annual foray into softcore pornography, the famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

If that didn't display their woke credentials enough, SI has chosen to crank the stunning bravery all the way to 11, making Bloom the cover model!

It isn't enough that Bloom, a biological man who thinks he's a woman, is featured in the magazine. No. If he was put just somewhere in the middle of the magazine it would be like they are hiding the man. Instead, SI has put Bloom front and center, gracing the famous periodical's cover in order to... entice young men into buying their magazine?

No, that's not it. SI decided several years ago that their primary audience for their soft pornography wouldn't be hormone-fueled young men, but instead woke feminists and "body-positive" young women.

After featuring "plus-sized" models the past several years, SI has decided that the fat positivity movement alone was not enough to continue to sell magazines. The woke young staffers have decided that the magazine would indeed be transphobic if they didn't mainstream the delusion of gender-confused models.

The wokies at Sports Illustrated, and almost all sports media, are determined to destroy every form of entertainment and sports with woke politics. This is just another stepping stone in their agenda to politicize absolutely everything.

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