That California reparations plan to give black people $1.2 million each? The activists want up to $200 million now, which would cost more than all the money on the entire planet.
· May 8, 2023 ·

I never thought I'd see the day when Americans would turn up their nose at an offer of more than $1 million in return for absolutely no work, but that day has come.

Activists in California balked at a recent plan to give black Californians up to $1.2 million each, just for being black. In fact, they were INSULTED that the number was so low.

So, if $1.2 million just for being black isn't enough, how much should they each get?

One activist, Tony Pierce, appeared at a "highly explosive" task force meeting on Saturday to demand "$200 million for each and every African American." Another speaker said that reparations payments "should be starting at" $5 million.


According to my research on Google, there are about 2,251,000 black folks in California.

If you multiply the population by 200 million you get THIS number that I, as a non-math person, don't even recognize as a number:


[Editor's Note: 450,200,000,000,000 is 450 trillion dollars, or 14 times larger than the US debt of $31.7 trillion, which far exceeds all precious metals and currencies in circulation.]

I'm not a mathematician, obviously, nor am I an accountant, but something tells me that that's slightly out of Gavin Newsom's budget.

Activists at the Saturday meeting nevertheless said such sky-high sums aren't enough. Pierce, who "shouted most of his remarks," attacked the task force for "not pushing an ambitious enough reparations plan," Fox reported, and ended his speech with a warning: "Tell Governor Newsom we're coming."

"Give us our money or we'll beat you up" is always an effective threat.

These activists could just sit back and casually rake in their millions with no hassle whatsoever, but it's not enough for them.

It's never going to be enough.

Greed is a POWERFUL sin.

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