The average American will pay more than $500,000 in lifetime taxes but New Jersey is in a class of its own
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We all pay taxes. And we all hate watching the government take our hard-earned money and count it up and put it in their wasteful coffers.

But it really hurts to see our total lifetime tax outlays spelled out in one big โ€” okay, huge โ€” number:

With Tax Day approaching, here's a sobering thought: The average American pays $524,625 in taxes in their lifetime, according to a new study.

That's right: More than half a million bucks.

The sources of all those taxes include "taxes on income, homes, cars, clothing, food, drink, entertainment and personal care." Basically, any way the government can tax you, it'll tax you.

Now, the catch: It's not all equal throughout the U.S. If you live in, say, West Virginia, your lifetime taxes are going to be considerably lower than the national average, to the tune of about $350,000.

If you live in one state, however, your total lifetime taxes are nearly double the national average. And I don't think it'll surprise you to learn which one:

New Jersey residents pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes, the analysis found, the highest tab in the nation.

New Jersey for the win!

Washington, D.C., comes in second place, "with a lifetime tax burden of $884,820," while Connecticut and Massachusetts round out third and fourth, at $855,307 and $816,700, respectively.

The bottom line: If you want to keep more of your money, stay away from northeastern Democrat-controlled states!

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