Biden wants to pass a bill that will reduce inflation by spending $385 billion on climate change and significantly raising taxes
ยท Jul 29, 2022 ยท

At this point it's perfectly reasonable to conclude that it's all deliberate:

Yeah, look at this. THIS is what the politicians think will solve the problem:

The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates that the bill would put about $385 billion into combating climate change and bolstering U.S. energy production through changes that would encourage nearly the whole economy to cut carbon emissions. ...

The agreement would also raise roughly $470 billion through new tax provisions, the budget group estimates โ€” the biggest of which will fall on the country's large corporations. ...

"This would certainly be the biggest corporate tax increase in decades," said Steve Wamhoff, a tax expert at Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a left-leaning think tank. "We've had decades of tax policy benefiting the rich, but this is really the first attempt to raise revenue in a progressive way that would begin to combat wealth and income inequality."

Oh yeah this will be a stellar blow against "wealth inequality," no doubt. Here's an artist's rendering of the Biden administration curing all the economic woes of the country:

I mean, will you look at that chart? Twenty billion for "clean vehicle manufacturing?" Thirty billion more for "clean agriculture?"

How could this not bring down inflation?

Meanwhile the White House is really, really confident about their chances on this one:

I feel better already. Bring on the trillion bucks!

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