The Cleveland Indians Just Changed Their Name To The "Guardians," And Another Brand Is Sacrificed To Appease The PC Police

Jul 23rd

It's the end of an era as the Cleveland Indians have caved to the woke politically correct monsters and changed their name to the Cleveland Guardians.

And here I was, hoping it would be the Cleveland Baseball Team.

The team announced the name change on Twitter and they hired the one and only Tom Hanks to voiceover the video. Because let's face it, if there's any voice out there that can make a bad idea seem okay, it's Tom Hanks.

Yes, two minutes of not mentioning the nickname they are changing from, The Indians, and instead focusing on all the good qualities of Cleveland.

And when they couldn't find any of those they said, "Forget it! How about Guardians?"

If you want to see a hilarious, depressing, and I'm afraid, more accurate description of Cleveland there are two hilarious and classic videos (here and here) that do just that [Language Warning].

Needless to say, the video did not go over well, despite Tom Hanks. Also, many on the internet are not happy with the new nickname. There's hate for the logo, and others are busy roasting the organization for their bowing to PC pressure.

Some dude makes an excellent point about the new nickname that skewers the woke crowd, and it is currently the top reply to the announcement.

Others are making similar jokes.

Some are pointing out that the logo looks very generic and not professional, but there are some defenders.



Others are criticizing the announcement, specifically the desperation of hiring Tom Hanks, a non-Cleveland native, to make the announcement.

Another criticism, or at least an anomaly that people noticed, is that the organization has chosen to keep the last part of the nickname, the I-A-N-S, and just change the first half of the name.

This lead one ingenious designer to come up with a money-saving idea for fans.

But to be fair, not everyone is hating on the decision. Let's see what the woke white girls think of the new name.





Whether or not you love or hate the new name and the new design, it's sad to see a century-old brand being forced to change because of the sensibilities of a few woke leftists who insist on being offended over every little thing.

P.S. Now you should watch our latest video because isn't it time for some answers from Christian Biden supporters? 👇

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