WATCH: The BLM felon who got his bicep blown off after pulling a pistol on Kyle Rittenhouse just got run over by a black dude
· Sep 22, 2023 ·

Remember Gaige Grosskreutz?

He was the establishment's darling during the trial to make an example of Kyle Rittenhouse. Gaige, a convicted felon with a long criminal history, was illegally carrying a pistol that he pulled on Kyle Rittenhouse as the young man was trying to escape from the violent BLM mob in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the 2020 "Summer of Love."

For his trouble, Gaige got his bicep blown off by Rittenhouse.

He was then paraded in court as a victim and the mainstream media ate it up.

Well, after Rittenhouse was acquitted and the Left failed to undermine the right to self-defense in America, ol' Gaige decided to change his name to Paul Prediger.

On September 2nd, a black man named Marvin Thomas hit "Paul Prediger" with his SUV in a Milwaukee crosswalk.


[Warning: Ouch]

"I went on top of the hood and then was dragged under and stuck underneath the vehicle for a good 20 feet," said Grosskreutz, who refused to give his name during the interview. He reportedly suffered multiple broken bones and a lacerated liver.

The poor perp can't catch a break!

You may be thinking, "Why would you evil people at this silly website be doxxing this poor man, who clearly wants to be left alone?"

  1. First, Grosskreutz is a criminal with a violent history who is still attempting to destroy Kyle Rittenhouse's life with another lawsuit based on "emotional distress."
  2. Second, though Grosskreutz told a judge he needed to change his name because of the "far right" people threatening his life, he couldn't help but play the victim in front of the camera for this news story!

People immediately knew who it was.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing if BLM protester Grosskreutz will take black man Marvin Thomas to court for running him over!

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