The internet is wondering if all the guys who totally aren't feds all look alike or just recycle the same actors ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Sep 5, 2023 ยท

Guys, I couldn't care less about the Joe Biden-supporting neo-Nazis who have decided to show up recently at various events.

The only reason I bother giving them a thought is that the media wants to use them as proof for why government needs more power and [checks notes] Donald Trump needs to go to jail forever.

But I have to admit I thought this was pretty funny.


I don't think it's the same guy (or is it??) but my goodness it's so hard to tell with the way these guys all look the same.

Here's a partial shot of glasses man from a different angle.

And the closeups:

  • The same man?
  • Cousins?
  • Generic 180-pound white guys trying their best not to glow?

I don't know, but dang it all, would someone selling these chaps their freshly-pressed uniforms and neatly creased flags tell us why all these guys look and act alike?

Here's a longer clip featuring this dude where his friends shout stupid things like the dumb-dumbs they are:

[Bleeped Language Warning and Laura Loomer]

My goodness, can they be more lame?

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