This 17-year-old girl's story of regret over her gender transition hit me hard. What are we doing to our kids?
· Jul 27, 2023 ·

We are told it isn't happening, but it is, and the wreckage the butchers are leaving behind is larger than we can currently fathom.

If you can't see the end of his tweet, it says, "This is child abuse!"

Billboard Chris is a guy who walks around with a sign that says the surgical alteration of children for the gender cult is wrong. Because he dares have that opinion, he regularly gets assaulted in public.

Read this girl's story and tell me what you've been spoon-fed about "gender affirmation" isn't a giant, brutal lie:

Please tell me things will get better

I've never posted on Reddit before so Im really sorry if I do something wrong. I [female-to-male-to-female] am 17 and have been transitioning medically for three years (lupron [drug used to chemically castrate people or for prostate cancer] for three, testosterone for three, top surgery [breast removal] last year, and name/ gender marker change last year as well). Although technically I've been out as transgender since I was 11.

I've since realized transitioning wasn't right for me and I feel really really scared. I've told my mom but not anybody else yet. I was hoping my doubts were just internalized issues and would go away but I'm starting to realize this isn't the case and I'm petrified of the next steps. Hair loss is very common in my family and now I have androgenic alopecia and I'm basically bald, my voice is super deep, my body is incredibly masculine, even when I try to present fem I just look like a teenage boy in drag. And I don't even want to think about the fact that legally I'm completely male. My parents used to be incredibly anti trans but they ended up coming around after a suicide attempt when I was around 14. I don't know what to do.

I don't know what to do. I think I just really hated my body and everything about myself and now I just hate myself even more. My family was also incredibly homophobic and I worry that I just transitioned so I could be "straight" (which I hate to think about because I literally feel like a terf [trans-exclusionary radical feminist] talking point rn).

I'm still on testosterone but this week I plan on stopping but I feel so upset. I don't want a cycle and I don't want to be detrans. I feel like I'm never going to look like a girl or even a pretty one for that matter. I also feel like I look so male that there's no way that lesbians would even accept me. I guess I just feel really bad right now. Could someone please tell that things are going to be okay and that things will get better? If that's even possible? Will I ever be a pretty girl or even just like a normal looking girl????? How the f*** do I deal with periods and how I do I be a girl even I don't even know how. Sorry idk if this even counts as a question l'm just kindve freaking out. I've lived basically my whole life trying to be a boy and now I'm not sure anymore and l'm so scared

As a father of four daughters, my heart absolutely shatters reading this.

She doesn't know how to be a girl. She's never dealt with periods because doctors stopped her body from going through that natural process in development. She's been on drugs that chemically castrate. She's bald because of the testosterone injections. She looks and sounds like a feminine guy. She knows neither men nor women would be interested in her as a romantic partner.

"Will I ever be a pretty girl?"

I can't help but see my own daughters in my mind's eye. This girl needed actual love that protects, but what she got was "affirmation" that handed her over to a monster.

"I think I just really hated my body"

So do most teenagers hitting puberty. For women, it means bleeding, cramping, hormones that affect emotion, and other uncomfortable things - things that will one day allow them to bear children and understand things that only women can.

We tell these kids that if they are uncomfortable, we can give them a new body, but all we do is make them into Frankenstein's monster.

"My parents used to be incredibly anti trans but they ended up coming around after a suicide attempt when I was around 14."

This is the lie sold to parents to convince them to give up their daughters to dragons.

A good father and mother would never let someone abuse or harm their kids, but if it's sold to them by the "experts" as a choice between their child living or dying, they might be willing to put aside their conscience and their instincts and allow butchers to hack apart their offspring.

Yet the studies, along with testimonies like this, show that people are not more mentally sound after "transitioning."

Abigail Shrier got it exactly right with her book title years ago:

Someone needs to fight for these girls. Someone needs to protect them from the dragons and wolves.

Will you?


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