This guy used ChatGPT to talk to 5,239 women on Tinder and eventually matched up with his wife
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Them: "So, how'd you meet your wife?"

This guy: "Well, I got on Tinder, trained ChatGPT to talk to women for me, it eventually talked to 5,239 of them, scheduled a few dates for me, and boom, there was Karina. It was love at first sight."

Seriously, this Russian nerd used ChatGPT to find his wife on Tinder. And while I call him a nerd I do it strictly out of jealousy. If I'd ever ventured into online dating before I tied the knot I'd have loved to have Aleksandr Zhadan as a friend, and I'd have used his skills to get the job done just like he did.

Let's see how he did it.

'I really understand dating apps can be hard and embarrassing,' Zhadan told Gizmodo. After he heard about ChatGPT, he decided to use it to help break the ice.

The program sounded like him, understood his interests, and could even schedule in-person dates through his Google Calendar. Zhadan trained his program to send likes to women who matched his preferences. He also filtered out profiles with photos of alcohol, and zodiac signs in their biographies, among other nuances he doesn't find attractive.

I can tell you right now, this guy is the world champion of online dating. Maybe there will be copycats, but this man right here is the GOAT and he will forever remain so. I mean, filtering out alcohol, getting rid of zodiac signs โ€” this guy's the real deal.

The early versions of ChatGPT didn't work out too well for Aleksandr. Once, it asked a woman if she wanted to go for a long walk in the woods, which not even the Tinder Killer would be dumb enough to do. One girl he eventually went on a date with was promised by the AI program that she would receive flowers and chocolate on the first date. Aleksandr had no idea about this promise, so that date ended faster than a Dallas Cowboys playoff run.

Eventually he did find love though, and the road to marriage started in the funniest way possible so I'll share it with you.

Zhadan's dating assistant narrowed down 5,000 options to just one woman, Karina Vyalshakaeva. The couple matched with each other in December 2022, and Vyalshakaeva says she was speaking with ChatGPT for the first few months of the relationship.

So this lady was talking to ChatGPT for months before Aleksandr even picked up the keyboard.

I can't stop laughing!

Eventually Aleksandr would tell ChatGPT to stop putting him out there for other women, and believe it or not he turned the program into a wingman of sorts, using it for dating advice with his Karina, and then ChatGPT did the strangest thing: It told him to propose. And he did. And now they're married, which is just beyond amazing.

His wife, Karina, says she doesn't really mind the fact that she talked to AI for the first few months of their relationship, which is shocking, but tells me he made the right choice.

'He spent a lot of time personalizing these prompts so, for me, it's okay when used in a rational way,' said Vyalshakaeva in an interview, noting that Zhadan's assistant was especially practical when he was busy. 'I think the most important thing is our real-life connection, which is great.'

Yeah, she's definitely a keeper!

For those of you trying to get in on this dating technique, you'll have to either do it yourself or wait until Aleksandr creates a business out of it. He says it cost him thousands, and it looks like that investment paid off big time.

Well, there's only one thing left to do: It's time for Karina to train ChatGPT to put together a honey-do list.

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