This hulk has a message for Americans who disrespect their flag
· Jul 5, 2021 ·

Let this guy known as "MAGA Hulk" school you for a quick minute on why you should respect the Stars and Stripes if you live in the US-of-A:

You may not agree with everything that flag has stood for, or the actions of all who held it high, but it represents the hope, promise, and sacrifice of the greatest experiment in liberty that this fallen world has ever seen.

If you're an American, that flag is a symbol of why your family is able to wake up without the worry of invading armies or tyrants.

It's why you have the freedom to go where you want, protest whatever you want, get an education and a job wherever you want, say what you want, start a family wherever you want, and worship how you want.

If that's not worth respecting, what is?


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