This lady used to make jewelry for Hollywood but was just found alone on a Croatian island swarming with BEARS and no memory of who she is
ยท Sep 23, 2021 ยท

I'm pretty sure there's a movie that starts like this. There has to be.

Croatian police said Wednesday they have established the identity of a woman who was found in a remote area on a northern Adriatic island with no recollection of who she was or where she came from.

The police identified the woman as Daniela Adamcova, 57, from Slovakia. They said her identity was established after receiving numerous tips from Croatia and abroad.

Apparently, Daniela moved to Los Angeles when she was 19 and became a jewelry designer for the Hollywood elite. In 2000, she returned to Slovakia for several years, but ended up back in Los Angeles, where something happened in her personal life that caused her to end up homeless on Skid Row.

She was assisted by a non-profit that helped her get enough money to move to Ireland in 2015, then she dropped off the map until tourists met her traveling alone in Croatia earlier this month.

Daniela told them that she was retired and traveling the country before returning to Slovakia, and that she had "turned off her phone and discarded her SIM card" so she wouldn't have to quarantine after returning home.

Somehow, she ended up on a nearby island on a peninsula that is inhabited by bears.

The woman was discovered Sept. 12 on the island of Krk, sitting on a jagged rock close to the sea in a remote part of the island that is inhabited by bears.

You can pretty much see the camera pan over the island right now, can't you? Seriously, I swear this is the plot to a movie.

Krk Island in the Adriatic Sea

Croatian media reported that the woman communicated in English but couldn't give her name. She didn't have identification documents or a cell phone with her, reports said.

It's definitely giving me some Jason Bourne vibes.

A local waiter has reportedly claimed that he took Daniela to a nearby bay on the Adriatic because he was headed that way with his friends and she had been asking how to get to a local fisherman's house.

The woman has since been transferred to a hospital in the town of Rijeka. Police described her condition as "stable" and said that Croatian social services will take over once she is released from hospital care.

If she escapes and starts leaving a trail of destruction across Europe in order to uncover secret assassin outfits, just remember I told you so!

(P.S. โ€“ Also, please pray for her!)

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