This Pennsylvania school board member wrote an op-ed in a local newspaper, and I kid you not this is the title

Jan 25th

So this is a real op-ed which was penned by a school board member in Pennsylvania:

"I don't work for you"?

Yeah, bud… ya do.

That's kinda how this whole school board thing works.

This guy's name is Richard Robinson, and he's a member of the York Suburban School Board in Pennsylvania (for now).

Here is some of what Mr. Robinson had to say in his little op-ed:

With all due respect to the men and women who snarl, "I'm a taxpayer! You work for me!" No, I don't work for you. I was elected by people who voted to represent you. It is not the same thing. You may also be surprised to learn every member of a school board is a taxpayer, too. I come from a long line of taxpaying men and women.

Great point, Rich. It's not that you work for your constituents; you simply represent them.


Good job making this distinction.

Here's more:

With all due respect to parents who declare, "Keep this masking nonsense up and I will pull my child out of school, you'll lose money, and then you'll be sorry!" Framing your choice this way makes you sound like a bully. Still, it's your choice. Nobody is taking choice away from you.

You're right, Rich. Nobody is taking choice away from these parents—and many of them will leave the public school system. But there is one choice more important than any: the choice of voters in the next election to elect a board member who truly believes they work for the people.

And with all due respect, that's not you or anyone like you.


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