This teacher wants you to know that if white female teachers discipline students it's because of "white supremacy"
· Aug 25, 2022 ·

Yeah, so get ready for even more chaos and disorder to come out of our government schools.

This teacher, who is a white female, is letting us know that DISCIPLINING students is only meant to uphold, you guessed it, wHiTe SuPrEmAcY!

Oh! She Googled it! Then I guess she's an expert now because she's seen all the Google results written by critical theorists and leftwing activists!

White women's tears are upholding super devious power structures created by evil white men.

So when a kid is sent to the principal's office after stealing the nerds' lunch money or pummeling a fellow student you can't discipline them in any way. No matter the race. Because it's upholding white supremacy.

This is pure idiocy and a recipe for complete societal collapse.

These are the people teaching your children.

Weep for the future.

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