This is what England calls family-friendly these days.
· Mar 2, 2023 ·

Behold: Inclusion!

[I'm gonna slap a big old content warning on this right here. This is not suitable for kids (the irony!). There's no full nudity, but there are men and women in thongs and bondage gear, so proceed with extreme caution.]

If you're anything like me, you must wonder, "What the everloving heck is going on here?"

You may have stronger words than that, and I don't blame you.

This video is from a "family-friendly" burlesque show in Britain. Dominique Samuels has more of the video in her YouTube report.

The event is specifically advertised for "parents and their babies"!

These drag performers are totally and completely messed up and perverted. They are parading in front of children in women's underwear ina. sexualized manner. IT'S ADVERTISED FOR BABIES!


Here is more from Andy Ngo:

[More content warnings]

Trump's proposal looks more and more enticing by the day.

Here is the description of the show:

If a dad brought his baby to a strip club he'd never see that child again, but liberal white ladies can go to a trans strip show and it's totally cool because it's LGBT inclusion.

These parents are even worse than the drag queens themselves in my eyes. Parents have a responsibility to protect their children, and this is abuse.

If you want to know more about Drag Queen Story Hour and the whole effort you can listen to James Lindsay's long explanation here.

For a short explanation:

This event found the wrong spotlight and has now removed their social pages so that you can't see the abuse they used to be so proud of.

If there was nothing shameful about it, why did they take it down?

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