Trays of mail containing absentee ballots found in a ditch in rural Wisconsin
· · Sep 24, 2020 ·

Oh wow, I didn't see this coming.

Three USPS mail trays containing completed absentee ballots were found sitting in a ditch outside of Appleton, Wisconsin. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's called election fraud.


The three trays of mail were found Tuesday morning near the intersection of Highway 96 and County Road CB, close to Appleton International Airport. Great job USPS! You've got some incredible employees up there in Greenville!

I can only imagine the bozo who decided, "Hey, you know what I'll do? I'll dump these three giant trays of mail right here in this ditch near this big intersection, and NOBODY'S gonna find out. That'll learn those dumb Trump supporters!"


What's painful about this is that it's extremely predictable. Appleton is one of the many blue splotches on the Wisconsin map. But what's funny about some of these blue areas is right when you exit the city you start to see the Trump signs. They're everywhere. So what it looks like here is some angry little lib who lives in Appleton deciding that he or she (or it) is going to take this election into their own hands.

This is really sad. Only a loser does this. And if this ends up being something that was staged by a Trumper, then that person is a loser too. HUGE LOSER MOVE!

Anyhow, the United States Postal Inspection Service opened up an investigation right away, and we trust them to do the real hardcore investigating. We really do. I'm sure they have no bias one way or the other. There's absolutely no way they hold any sort of political bias whatsoever.


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