Ukrainians Are Taping Looters To Light Poles With Plastic Wrap And That Seems Like The Best Punishment Ever
· Mar 2, 2022 ·

We've seen stories, real and propaganda, about bravery and heroism in Ukraine. In a time of war you often see the best of humanity.

We also know, due to human nature, times like these will also bring out the absolute worst in some people.

It is no surprise that, with a war going on, some rabble-rousers in Ukraine would start taking advantage of the situation for personal gain. Looting is happening throughout the war-struck country.

But, no surprise, the Ukrainian people are handling this issue in a very appropriate manner: public shaming.

Yep, if you can't have stocks anymore, this is the next best thing.

They are tying and taping looters to utility poles with plastic wrap and putting signs on them.

The one above one reads "marauder," according to Google Translate.

Here's a video of another caught looter who is subjected to even more shame:

[Exposed Butt Warning]

This is some straight-up Batman stuff. Catching the bad guys and leaving them for law enforcement and letting the whole world see their shameful criminality.

Another of these looters was reportedly in the city of Mykolayiv. From the Ukrainian publication Korrespondent:

The man decided to take advantage of the lack of staff and lighting in a store in the Kazarsky district. In [Mykolaiv] locals caught the marauder and tied him to a "pillar of shame", having taken off his pants. This was reported by Novosti-N on Sunday, February 27.

"The incident took place in the Kazarsky district. There, an enterprising citizen decided to take advantage of the lack of workers and lighting in the store and" buy "something there without money.

The looter was unlucky - he was seen by locals. They called the police," the statement said. A patrol arrived and found a marauder without pants and with film taped to the pole.

Oh, and here's one more just for the heck of it:

This, of course, has some people asking the real questions:


I can't wait to hear again how looting is the voice of the unheard or some such nonsense.

In a time like this, this seems like the perfect punishment for such scofflaws.

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