WATCH: These criminal masterminds won the lottery. They tried to kick down the door of the one gun owner in all of Seattle.
ยท Oct 21, 2023 ยท


[Violence Warning]

They won the lottery! You love to see it.

Seriously, who would have thought they'd find the one homeowner with guns in all of the wider Seattle area??

(I'm told the suburb of Auburn is a bit less, well, like Seattle.)

Police are looking for these geniuses. No word on whether they got injured.

But let this be a PSA for the dummies who say you don't need an AR-15 or a HiGh-cApAciTy "clip."

When you have three guys with guns try to kick down your door at 2 a.m. (it's not that hard to kick through a deadbolt, so I recommend a floor plate for extra security), your little .22LR peashooter isn't going to stop them. Experienced robbers like this (this is getting out of control in Seattle if you hadn't heard) don't tend to carry semi-auto weapons around because they are heavier and harder to conceal. The whole point is to rob you and vanish into the night.

One AR with a standard 30-round mag is gonna equal the playing field.

But why stop there?? This is America, where it's legal in most places to defend yourself against a small army.

Of course, Joe Biden says you don't need this because 1) Guns are for hunting deer and 2) You can just use a shotgun, which will splatter the bad guys across the walls instead of taking them down with precision!

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