Woke Fort Lauderdale police chief canned for hiring and promoting based solely on skin color
ยท Mar 6, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Allow me to give you an illustration of the dark logical end of CRT/wokeness...

Shortly after being hired as the new (and first openly gay) Fort Lauderdale police chief, Larry Scirotto aLlEgEdLy pointed at a wall in a conference room on which hung photos of the department's command staff and said to others in the room, "that wall is too white ... I'm gonna change that."

The fab woke police chief then proceeded to implement a "minority-first" hiring and promoting agenda ... which is to say that he passed over the straight white dudes who were more qualified than whoever he hired or promoted in their stead because they had darker skin.

Judging by the large number of complaints from officers under his command before he was fired, the dude wasn't shy about his CRT-based practices. He even aLlEgEdLy said out loud, "Which one is blacker?" when deciding between candidates for a promotion.

Thank God this guy was canned. What he was doing was absolutely nothing but New Woke Racism โ€“ which is to say, just racism. Despicable.

How many police departments have chiefs like this who are celebrated as "progressive" for their racist policies?

This is the logical end of wokeness. It's that ancient devil racism, packaged in the contemporary shape of neo-Marxism.

It's a mind virus.

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