This white teacher stopped teaching Spanish to "dismantle white supremacy" because "white people aren't right"
· Jun 3, 2021 ·

A white schoolteacher said she stopped teaching Spanish because she quite literally hates herself:

Jessica Bridges (AKA Señorita McWokey) made the comments during a virtual conference with South Connecticut State University, saying she can't teach Spanish anymore because she needs to "dismantle white supremacy" and allow native speakers to teach the language.

Bridges' testimony about how awful her whiteness is was part of Southern Connecticut State University's Virtual Women's and Gender Studies Conference, which happened over two days in April. The conference focus was on "Gender, Race, Community & Conflict: Pursuing Peace and Justice."

Bridges, a PhD candidate in the college of arts and sciences at Oklahoma State University, spoke about "white women's complicity," the complicity of white women in white supremacy and "the work that white women have to do to address this issue." Bridges has worked primarily in education, and the pandemic inspired her to make "anti-racism and white women's complicity and anti-racist work" her dissertation topic.

Her testimony was what she called the "autho-ethnographic" portion of that work with the assembled Zoomers at the conference. This section was all about Bridges lived experiences as a white woman who has worked in education, primarily in K-12 education and feels really badly about her privilege.

Bridges work was about "examining her whiteness, complicity, and activism." She said that as a K-12 teacher in the US, she has been "embedded in a system that some scholars have identified as reproducing social injustice. Consciously, or unconsciously," she said, "I have been complicit as a part of the educational system and as a white woman benefitting from white privilege."

Bridges then verbally flogs herself for not being anti-racist enough, and explained her journey to "becoming an antiracist white woman." Basically, this was her journey to becoming Marxist.

She learned about Marxism in a masters class, and from that day on, she became an anti-racist activist. Part of her education in Marxism was her realization that she "was a colonizer." It made her nauseous. She talked about a white man who was brought to tears by realizing that he was a "racist colonizer."

The level of self-hatred and self-persecution coming off the woke is absolutely insane. They crucify themselves to supposedly help others and then make everything about themselves.

Imagine the message this sends to anyone passionate about teaching or language: that they can't teach a foreign language unless they come from the right culture and have the right skin tone. You know, because a woke white lady said so.

I have a question for Ms. McWokey. Isn't Spanish a European language?

A few other questions:

  • Isn't Spanish spoken in the Americas because of the colonization by said Europeans?
  • And before that, wasn't the language influenced by Islamic Moorish invaders seeking to conquer and colonize the Iberian Peninsula?
  • And before that, wasn't the language introduced as a Latin dialect when the Romans defeated Carthage, the city in modern-day Tunisia that had colonized Spain, around 200 B.C.?

By this teacher's very worldview, Spanish itself must be racist. To remove all traces of ethnic superiority and colonization, you'd need to eliminate every word and all grammar that relates to the Spanish Empire, the Moors, or Rome.

Perhaps she should go back to the Punic language of Carthage that was widely spoken before the Romans colonized everything!

Except... you know, the Punic language was a dialect of the Phoenician peoples, who settled around the Mediterranean based on conquest and colonization.

And the Phoenicians originated in modern-day Lebanon and Syria, where they were involved in tons of bloody wars and colonization attempts as well, as the Bible certainly indicates.

I guess to truly dismantle the chain of linguistic "white supremacy" that predates the Tower of Babel, Jessica Bridges should advocate for the destruction of all language itself! That'll do it!

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