This eye-opening thread about South Dakota's Kristi Noem working hand-in-hand with the transgender movement is a must-read
· Jan 5, 2023 ·

Kristi Noem, South Dakota's Republican governor, is a great governor in many respects.

She trolls the Left, she didn't shut down during Covid, and she often speaks very boldly about Fauci, masks, lockdowns, and other conservative talking points.

But this exposé of Noem puts to rest the idea that she is a rock-ribbed conservative and instead believes the soft wokeism that many Republicans are dabbling with these days.

(Sorry not sorry if you're angered by the fact that we would critique a Republican in the same way we do the lefties.)

Gender ideology seems to have found a safe haven in South Dakota of all places. And it has been welcomed in by the "conservative superstar" governor.

The following information is pretty damning, but I'll let you draw your own conclusions:

The largest employer in the state of South Dakota is Sanford Health, and they are in the transgender surgery and treatment money-making business. So, they would clearly have significant sway over any Chamber of Commerce-type Republican.

Noem reversed course and did end up signing a bill banning men from women's sports. But that was only a narrowly-defined bill created after considerable national pressure.

These woke, pro-abortion, pro-genital mutilation, Trust the Science™ butchers are in complete control of the South Dakota legislature and governor's office. Nothing passes without their okay.

Yes, Kristi Noem, that Kristi Noem, reportedly works with this big money, anti-family, anti-human group to fund moderate Republicans who will surrender on the culture war against actual conservatives.

THIS is a conservative savior?

A conservative leader called for a boycott of a "family-friendly drag show" at South Dakota State, and Noem's response was to try and get that guy fired?

In my opinion, Matt Walsh, who Noem called a "misogynist" using a fake leftist talking point, was right about Noem all along.

You'll recall the kerfuffle last year in which Walsh called out Noem for her constant capitulation to the Woke Left on the trans issue.

I'd love for Noem to come out and prove she's not just a woke Republican who thinks conservative values and neo-Marxist identity politics can exist in the same ideological sandbox.

But until then, I gotta say this is some pretty damning stuff.

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