After throwing their pastor in jail for disobeying Rona rules, Canadian officials are erecting a massive fence and using guards to keep members of this church from worshipping
· Apr 7, 2021 ·

The saga of Pastor James Coates and Gracelife Church in Alberta continues.

Gracelife has been meeting since last summer in defiance of the ridiculous Rona mandates of the government.

It released a statement slamming the government for using the virus as a means to take power and challenged the official narrative about the virus itself.

"By the time the so-called "pandemic" is over, if it is ever permitted to be over, Albertans will be utterly reliant on government, instead of free, prosperous, and independent," said church leaders. "As such, we believe love for our neighbor demands that we exercise our civil liberties."

For their sins of challenging totalitarian edicts, Pastor Coates was arrested, tried in secret, and thrown into prison for over a month.

Thanks to an outpouring of support and a strong legal defense team, authorities finally released Pastor Coates a week ago. He immediately returned to the pulpit, where his full congregation was there to meet and worship with him.

Here's a full interview from last week with Coates discussing his imprisonment.

Today, the commies in Alberta had a new idea: erect some large scale fencing around the church and use police and private security to keep members from "unlawful" gatherings on their own church property.

Some points to remember:

  • The church has had no COVID cases tracked back to it despite meeting weekly since last summer.
  • In the 255,000 square-mile province of Alberta, there were 3 deaths yesterday related to COVID out of nearly 4.5 million people.
  • The province has fully vaccinated over 123,000 adults. With just over 600,000 seniors 65 and older, that means about 20% of the "target demographic" for the virus should already be immunized.

Yet authorities are spending a bunch of tax dollars to surround a church with a fence and guards to keep people from worshipping (as if that will work!).

My question for you:

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