Are You Ready For The New Narrative? Parents Who Oppose CRT In Schools Are Now QAnon Followers.
· Jul 8, 2021 ·

Are you ready for the newest left-wing talking point?

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are now peddling the idea that the tremendous parent uprising against the teaching of critical race theory in K-12 schools is all a part of, you guessed it, white nationalism and QAnon.

NBC News ran a story yesterday from Ben Collins and this headline is a doozy.

The outright assertion is that the new plan for QAnon – the insane conspiracy theory network – is to gain power by running for local school board positions.

The issue with this story? It provides one example of someone running for school board in Florida, Drake Wuertz.

Wuertz is right-wing, but says "I can tell you that I 100% don't subscribe to Q theories."

It doesn't matter that everyone in this story says they do not at all subscribe to QAnon, some people associated with the movement have said that their followers should run for school board, so that means everyone on the right who runs is a follower of Q.

Let's look at the framing that comes from our favorite wacky MSNBC host Joy Reid:

Reid starts the segment by talking about white nationalism and its takeover of the Republican Party, which she refers to as the GQP (replacing the O in GOP with Q for QAnon). She then uses as an example of this the "hysteria over race-conscious education" she claims is being fueled by Fox News and conservatives.

She refers to "radicalized parent activists" who, according to her, are reacting to fake news, as she claims that CRT isn't even being taught in public schools (it is).

We have covered many stories about these so-called "radicalized" parents here at Not The Bee. You can read some of those stories here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Notice that many of these stories involve parents who, quite obviously, do not fit the mold of the stereotypical republican voter, and also are clearly not white supremacists or white nationalists. CRT is clearly seen as racist and evil by all who understand what is being taught to their kids.

But, as always, the Left won't let facts get in the way of a perfectly good narrative.

Listen as Reid talks with the author of the above article, doesn't challenge any of his assertions, and also joins him in slandering evangelical Christians, saying that they provide cover to QAnon and white supremacist terrorists.

This segment is disgusting and allows the NBC reporter, Collins, to go further than he did in his initial story and call out all those opposed to CRT in school as white nationalists, QAnon followers, terrorists, and all sorts of other slanderous names.

This story is also being picked up by other news sources as well, including Yahoo! and The Independent.

And where would such a ridiculous story come from in the first place?

Well, it should be a surprise to none of our readers that the origin of this theory appears to have first come up a month ago from, you guessed it, the nation's largest teachers union, the NEA.

That's right. The NEA that refused to teach in person for more than a year, that wants mandatory vaccinations for all students, and that voted to promote CRT AND pay for opposition research into opponents of CRT, that organization is promoting the idea that right-wing opponents of CRT are all kooky Q conspiracy theorists.

Why am I not surprised??

But get ready. If you are opposed to CRT in public schools, if you want to run for school board opposing it, if you speak out against it, the media has its marching orders.

You will be called "racist", "white supremacist", "white nationalist", "QAnon" and every sort of stereotype under the sun.

It's a coordinated plan, and they will absolutely try to cancel you and ruin your life.

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