Atheist group claims speaker used Chick-Fil-A sandwiches to try to convert students to Christianity
· Jul 29, 2022 ·

I've heard Chick-Fil-A be referred to as "the Lord's chicken" in jest, but apparently, some atheists think this is an actual selling point for Christianity.

I mean, that chicken sandwich is good but it's not "pick-up-your-cross-and-follow-me" good.

According to broadcaster Todd Starnes, former NFL player Ray McElroy was invited by the Junior ROTC of an Illinois High School to speak to students.

Students were invited to the event and Chick-Fil-A was going to cater; however, McElroy made it a condition that students had to actually listen to his speech and take a copy of a book on Christianity he was giving out in order to receive the sandwich so a bunch of freeloading vultures didn't take the food meant for the event.

The atheists had an absolute conniption at this polite request.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a notorious God-hating activist group, sent a letter to the school accusing them of violating the US Constitution.

A concerned community resident contacted us regarding Ray McElroy speaking to students at Richards High School. Reportedly, the posters and announcements for this lunch event enticed students to come hear a former NFL player's story and receive free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. Students reported that they attended and were told they could not take a sandwich until they listened to the speaker and took a book. The book was "How to Find God." See enclosure. Reportedly, the talk was essentially a sermon by Mr. McElroy, who is a pastor at Central Christian Church.

Oh no! Students were given a free sandwich to listen to a talk and take a Christian book!

This is clearly the state establishing a religion.

That's seriously the argument that this group wants to make.

(I wonder what the Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks about the LGBT and BLM cult flags flying outside schools.)

It's pretty clear that no one was forced to go to this lunch. It was a free event with free food. Anyone could attend if they wanted to and they could simply not attend if they wanted to.

It sounds to me like a couple of students went there just for the sandwiches and were angry they had to listen to the talk first.

The letter goes on:

We request that you investigate this matter immediately. Staff should be informed that school-sponsored religious activity violates the Constitution as well as the rights of conscience of students and their parents. Mr. Groters (the organizer) must be instructed to refrain from organizing religious activities. Mr. McElroy cannot be allowed access to District schools. Please inform us in writing of the steps the District is taking to investigate this matter and to prevent future violations.

All because a chicken sandwich was used as an incentive at a free school lunch.

If your side in the religious battle is losing because of some chicken sandwiches, then you've got bigger problems.

Maybe they should steal from The Babylon Bee and just make their own chicken store!

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