THREE-PEAT! NBA Finals Game 3 beats out Game 2 as least-watched Finals game of all-time — after Game 2 beat Game 1 for the title

Oct 6th

You know what they say: Wokeness goeth before brokeness.

The Lakers-Heat 2020 NBA Finals are a ratings trainwreck. Nobody's watching! And it keeps getting worse ...

Year-over-year audiences were down 45%, 68%, and 58%, respectively. And last year's Finals featured a team from Canada! (No offense, eh.)

Keep in mind that these horrific numbers are being put up with megastar LeBron James and his Lakers clashing with his former team, the Miami Heat. And the entire planet stuck in their homes. You'd think the ratings would be through the roof.

Instead ...

As I did after the Game 2 numbers came in, I'll just leave this right here for you:

That is all.


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