Canada is making "the first national 2SLGBTQI+ monument in the world" and this is what they decided to build
ยท May 3, 2024 ยท

Canada is building official government shrines for people's sex kinks now!

Canada will be home to the first national 2SLGBTQI+ monument in the world.

No, we won't go back.

That's a lot of words from a politician to say, "Hey guys, look at my gay statue!"

Canada is literally euthanizing swaths of the population for being mentally ill and poor, mostly because they have to pay for all their medical bills, but they can afford to put up a gay monument?


A cylinder that's been cut with jagged holes to expose an empty inside.

What a way to depict the gay/trans/genderfluid community!

(Accidentally based?)

From the CBC:

The design of the monument centres around a sculpture shaped similar to a thunderhead cloud, meant to "embody the strength, activism and hope" of 2SLGBTQ+ communities.

The $13 million project is paid for by the LGBT Purge Fund and is expected to be unveiled in the summer of 2025.

I'm pretty sure most toddlers could design better-looking clouds (and for far less than $13M). ๐Ÿ˜‚

Look at these guys pouring over the Swiss-cheese model like this is some architectural wonder of the world:

Canadians, my dudes, if you are going to build a shrine to your gay gods, at least make it look cool?

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