Crocs is now sponsoring and promoting child drag shows. Yes, the ones where little boys dress up like girls to entertain adults.
· Dec 30, 2022 ·

Dude, I can't.

I seriously can't.

How did all this drag stuff happen so fast?

I mean, it was one thing when the drag queens were adult male perverts, but now — now we've got full-on RuPaul Drag Race events featuring boys dressed as girls on the runway.

And of all brands, this thing is sponsored by Crocs.

"All kids under 18 are welcome."

Like, do you realize how creepy that sounds?

And seriously, Crocs?

Crocs is the sponsor?!

I guess I'm, uhh, still never going to put a pair of those butt-ugly slipper things on my feet…


Hey, I just thought of something.

Maybe that's the thing with Crocs.

Maybe only creepy pedophiles wear them.

That would totally explain Crocs sponsoring an event where adults watch little boys dressed in girls' clothing walk up and down a runway.

Next time I see a guy wearing Crocs I'm gonna do some investigating.

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