Enjoy this resurfaced 1989 clip of George Soros and Joe Biden talking about the "de-nationalization" and "radical reorganization" of economies
· Aug 19, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Holy moly the conspiracy theories are all true.


Thirty years before the Great Reset and climate policies became mainstream, you have a billionaire activist and the future President of the United States talking about how to "radically reform" the national sovereignty and economy of nations.

And yes, I get that they are talking about this within the context of the last years of the Soviet Union, the political realities of the Eastern Bloc, and the fall of the Iron Curtain.

But holy cow, Soros went on to become a household boogieman in conservative circles because he spends billions to get his people elected, and Joe Biden went on to become Vice President and then President in administrations that openly support the elitist policies of the World Economic Forum and other globalist institutions.



I'm not Alex Jones and I'm not a math wizard, but I'm also not stupid.

These people set out to reorganize the world to their liking, they've said so many times over the years, and now we're at a place where these guys and their pals have their fingers in pretty much every institution and policy in the Western world, from your local radio station and DA office to the $739 billion spending bill Congress and the White House just passed.

Man I had hoped the boomers were just being paranoid!



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