Gina Carano says Disney tried to force her to apologize for her "misuse of pronouns." She also found out she’d been fired through social media.
· · Feb 16, 2021 ·

I will start this article off subtly...

Disney is a heaping pile of garbage.

Don't get me wrong, there are amazingly creative and talented people who work for the company – thousands of them – but the execs are so elitist and so Woke that it's nauseating. It's nauseating to working families like mine in the middle of America with a biblical worldview who now face media empires that openly hate our guts.

As the story around actress Gina Carano has unfolded this last week, we saw how cold and callous Disney could be in their official communications, saying they had no plans for her to be employed in the future and that her statements about not hating your neighbor was "abhorrent" because they were kinda conservative and therefore Nazi propaganda from hell.

I mean, who could possibly think that modern day cancel culture is breeding an environment of hate similar to the machinations of 1930s Germany? Do better, Gina.

Turns out, besides Gina's co-stars and other Disney high-ups making similar Holocaust comparisons (but to Trump) and joking about throwing my children in wood chippers, the story gets even worse.

After Twitter trolls harassed Gina about her lack of bio pronouns, Disney didn't defend her. The mob mercilessly attacked her, wanting her to bend the knee to their wishes. She had said nothing hateful, but that is not enough for the Woke Monster.

Instead, she says the company tried to force HER to apologize with a prepared statement.

"Earlier on last year before 'The Mandalorian‘ came out, they wanted me to use their exact wording for an apology over pronoun usage," she said. "I declined and offered a statement in my own words. I made clear I wanted nothing to do with mocking the transgender community, and was just drawing attention to the abuse of the mob in forcing people to put pronouns in their bio."

She sounds sooooo hateful, doesn't she?

Disney then put her on ice, excluding her "from all press and promotion for the show."

"That was heart-breaking, but I didn't want to take away from the hard work of everyone who worked on the project, so I said ok. That was the last time I was contacted about any type of public statement or apology from Lucasfilm."

In other words: after being given the cold shoulder because she refused to be bullied, she didn't complain and kept going to work, not wanting to detract from the accomplishments of all the people around her. Again, what a self-centered person, amiright? Thinking of others before yourself is so prideful!

She then said Disney and Lucasfilm didn't even have the stones to tell her she was fired. She found out on social.

"I found out through social media, like everyone else, that I had been fired."

What the actual heck?

No one – not Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy nor The Mandalorian Executive Producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni contacted her to let her know she'd been let go. They just wrote her off as rebel scum.

The former doesn't surprise me, since Kennedy's wokeness ("The Force is female" being her fav quote) led to Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, otherwise known as the epitome of postmodern excrement and hubris on the silver screen.

The latter two surprise me, given their genuine understanding of the Star Wars universe and its characters. They wrote Gina's story – that of a Rebel shock trooper who was willing to jump out of ships to fight stormtroopers on the battlefield. A woman who still has a tattoo on her arm that brands her a traitor to many in the galaxy. Someone who utterly refused to be put in a mold.

I guess the Empire is hard to refuse, even for those who have grown up understanding how phantom menaces often grow in the darkness. Where does one learn such intolerance?

Remember, Gina didn't post a racial slur. She didn't call for violence. She didn't assault or abuse someone. She didn't do anything remotely illegal. She didn't even say anything hateful.

She merely expressed what tens of millions of Americans are thinking and feeling: that the Left hates their guts, hates their views, and wants them to be canceled, period and full stop.

And for that, Disney says she must be silenced for the scum she is.

Neither Disney nor LucasFilm want a Rebel Alliance to form, after all.


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