Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signs law banning marriage for those under 18 to protect them from abuse and life-altering decisions that children aren't prepared to make 🤔
· Sep 27, 2023 ·

Congratulations, Mitten Queen: You've successfully banned the 20 or so 17-year-olds who want to marry their high school sweethearts each year from getting hitched.

Truly historic.

It must be nice to have the media portray you like some heroic warrior who just defeated the barbarian hordes of the Near East and freed their 9-year-old child brides.

The governor had already signed off on bills in July that raised the minimum marriage age to 18, did away with a provision in the law emancipating minors if they are married, ended the ability of parents to consent to marriage for their children.

That's right. The state won't condone children making decisions that they are too young to make, nor will it support parents who try to sign off on those decisions until the child is of the right age for his or her body and mind to be developed enough to be ready for that kind of commitment. Children shouldn't be able to make decisions like that until they are ready.

After all, adults could easily manipulate children and abuse them in order to push some ideology or for the sake of some twisted desire.

What about other proposals that Whitmer and her allies have pushed?


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