Guess which two Tennessee Dems led ANOTHER protest at the state capitol after being reinstated to the assembly?
· Apr 18, 2023 ·

After they were removed for leading protests inside the Tennessee state capitol, representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were both given their jobs back by their local leaders.

Now, they're back in Nashville engaging in the exact same behavior that got their butts kicked out.

Republicans are doing their jobs as legislators while Democrats stir up protests, taking over the capitol, with their chants of "Whose house? Our house!"

Tennessee gun control protesters have now twice in a matter of weeks done the same thing that landed J6 protesters in jail for years without a trial.

But it's (D)ifferent this time.

The scenes in Nashville yesterday were unreal:

Republicans propose bills to make schools safer and Democrats boo and protest because they don't like that bill! They only want bills that take away guns and violate the Bill of Rights.

Here is the disgraced Justin Jones siccing protesters on to the Speaker of the House, a man Jones clearly has a personal vendetta against.

Of course, preacher man Justin Pearson couldn't pass up the opportunity to perform his shtick:

And Jones makes it very clear that he doesn't think his job is to legislate. He knows that the majority in Congress and the majority of Tennesseeans disagree with him.

It's his job, however, to invite the mob into the capitol because, if you don't have the votes, then it's intimidation time ("democracy!"):

We need people to show up, and we'll stand with you, but it's not about us, we're here to support you all.

We're here to use our access as lawmakers to make sure you get into this building and these troopers don't stop you from coming into the chamber or coming into the gallery.

His job is to vote on bills and speak for the people.

But he THINKS his job is to let protesters who count mass murderers as victims INTO the capitol to wreak havoc.

Tennessee Republicans, you have the votes, you have all the evidence you need. Search your soul for testicular fortitude...



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