Sad! DC cancels gay Superman comic after dismal sales
· · Oct 11, 2022 ·

How it started, exactly one year ago:

How it ended:

For some odd reason, people had zero interest in a super-gay Superman who kisses boys.

More from RedState:

It looks like woke superman is now broke superman.

The new age of DC Comics is proving to be a flop as its flagship character (or at least his son) fails to attract readers and sinks into the mud in terms of sales.

According to, the news was broken during a New York Comic Con panel that Jon Kent's solo run will end at issue #18. Now, he'll be moved into a different miniseries...

So sad.

How is it that in #TheCurrentYear, people are not onboard with in-your-face sexuality being the main selling point of a superhero? I mean, what are we supposed to want, good characters with well-written plots??

A lot of the woke cultists were out there typing "ACKSHUALLY" as fast as possible, noting that the solo comic series might have been canceled but that gay Superboy would make appearances in a separate miniseries.

Because, you know, being shelved and rehashed as a footnote in some other product is somehow a win for the Rainbow Crusade.

Then there's the reality of sales...

[T]he response hasn't at all been "fantastic." In fact, it's been abysmal according to the charts. DC Comics stopped publishing its sales numbers after its new social justice-focused comics began drowning. As I reported in January, the initial debut of "Son of Kal-El" sold only 68,000 copies putting it at number 17. By the third issue, it had only sold 34,000, putting it at number 77.

It's unclear what sales look like due to DC hiding those numbers but if they're ending the run at 18 issues then it's likely far worse.

I used to think it was dang-near impossible to destroy characters like Superman and Luke Skywalker, making us totally uninterested at all in some of the biggest fictional heroes of all time, but the woke cultists managed to do it!

Meanwhile, Eric July's "Rippaverse," a comic series that focuses on story, character development, and not caving to the demands of woke culture, has become a sensation with its campaign reaching $3.7 million and issues already going out.

It's funny how these non-woke characters keep making bank. It's almost like no one wants to be part of the woke cult!

You know what they say:


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