Biden's "Let Them Buy Electric Vehicles" Solution Hits Major Snag: There's None Available
· May 25, 2022 ·

The Biden Administration is always showing that their plans for Americans are impractical, unrealistic, and not designed with the real world in mind.

The clearest example of this is the Biden Administration, which doesn't even know how electric cars work, continuing to encourage Americans to drop 60 grand on a basic Tesla to save on gas.


But these "geniuses" in Washington didn't foresee one major road block to their plan to switch everyone to EVs.

There aren't enough EVs to meet demand.

As gas prices hit record highs, some Americans might be tempted to go electric and ease the pain at the pump. But finding a shiny, new electric vehicle might not be so easy.

National inventory levels of vehicles — including EVs — were depleted during the pandemic by a combination of pent-up demand and supply chain problems. Drivers looking to buy an EV today might have to wait for months, or more, before the cars are delivered.

Electric vehicles, and all vehicles, are months behind in production. It's impossible to purchase a new vehicle at this point. And EVs are even more difficult to find.

And the icing on the cake is that this was all caused by Democrat lockdowns and supply chain crises.

The low availability of vehicles, including EVs, has been driven in part by supply chain problems — most notably a shortage of semiconductor chips since early 2021 — that have led automakers to idle plants, leaving fewer cars and trucks available for consumers.

Mayor Pete REALLY wants you to drive an EV, but you can't get one now largely because of Mayor Pete and Biden's supply chain problems.

And, even if you can find an EV on the lot, you're going to pay A LOT more than you would otherwise.

Vehicle availability can change quickly and varies by region — those on the coasts may not struggle as much to find an EV. Some vehicles may also be "in transit," or on their way to dealers, and available to order, depending on the company or dealer.

But given the tight supplies and growing demand, analysts say people should expect to pay the manufacturer's suggested retail price, if not more. Pricing excludes any state or federal tax incentives that might be available for buying an EV.

You will likely have to pay ABOVE sticker price because of the demand.

This isn't completely unique to EVs, but it definitely shows that Biden's "buy a Tesla" plan isn't the miracle solution to gas prices.

So, according to Biden, Granholm, and Mayor Pete, the best thing we could all do to save money is to buy electric.

But there are no electric vehicles available.

And if you can find one, it's going to cost you more than MSRP.

Aren't you glad that the adults are back in charge?

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