Twitter locks out Libs of TikTok for “harassment” over megathread exposing men who gyrate in front of kids at drag shows
· Jun 9, 2022 ·

They don't want you to see how pervasive and wicked the sexualization of children in our nation has become.

Think about this: LoTT is posting public videos and event ads. She's not doxxing or personally harassing anyone. All she is doing is reposting video after video of men in lipstick and thongs gyrating before little kids, or teaching them how to do drag makeup, or having the kids themselves dance for crowds of sex-obsessed adults.

But they don't want you to see that, because that might undermine the sexual revolution that's bringing rainbow utopia to our land.

Meanwhile, Twitter won't delete actual child porn unless the feds (who are quickly becoming groomers themselves) get involved.

This matters. If our new public squares allow pedophiles and pedophilia free reign but censor people trying to stop the pedophiles, our nation is finished – and it deserves to be finished, to be honest.

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