Undercover Investigation Shows Teachers In Tennessee And Iowa Evade CRT Bans By Simply Changing Their Language
· · Apr 20, 2022 · NottheBee.com

A few weeks ago we covered a story by Accuracy in Media which exposed school administrators in Idaho admitting in undercover videos to lying to parents and citizens and continuing to teach CRT in schools, despite it being illegal.

Since then, the organization has exposed schools in two other states, Tennessee and Iowa, which are doing the exact same thing.

These CRT bans, while good policy, are proving not to be effective policy because the CRT and wokeness disciples are simply finding ways to evade the law.

Here's the video from Tennessee:

We're business as usual in this district, and we don't- I, I, love this, like we don't really let, like, anybody tell us what to do if we don't believe in it.

That's the principal of Jasper Elementary School in Marion County, Tennessee clearly stating that state laws that reflect the will of the parents in Tennessee have NO effect on what they choose to teach students.

She doesn't let anybody tell them what to do. Especially not conservative parents who don't want their kids to be taught racial essentialism. That would be terrible.

The video from Iowa, which was just released, is even more directly an affront to the law:

These school administrators are laughing at the attempts by Republicans to ban Marxist teaching, and they are spitting in the faces of parents who think that these lessons are harmful to kids.

There are good teachers and administrators, for sure, but there are enough like these who despise parents to make the whole system rotten.

From the video, Anthony Ferguson in West Des Moines – the Executive Director for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, a job that should definitely not exist – brags that he is still instructing in CRT.

What I'm proud of when it comes to curriculum that we've been able to do is we've implemented what we call an equity tool. A diversity, equity, and inclusion tool that allows us to every sort of literature we bring to the school now, even math, we're going through this tool now, curriculum development team to really say "are folks represented in this?" you know, "who's being represented and who's being left out of this?" and really striving to make that more diverse...

I think we can do a lot of this work without the label and just do the work, right...

I don't have to call it Critical Race Theory to know what we're doing, to know the kind of work that we're doing.

Just change the name and keep teaching the same racist, Marxist curriculum!

The bans aren't working.

The system has been totally corrupted.

Get your kids outta public schools!

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