We've gotta talk about Mr. Beast's friend Chris
· Apr 14, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Mr. Beast has 145 million subscribers on YouTube and regularly gets tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of views on each video, not including Facebook, Instagram, and TikToks all featuring Mr. Beast's content.

You may have never heard of Mr. Beast, but I promise you, your children have.

We've even talked about and defended Mr. Beast from the woke mob on our website before. Jimmy Donaldson (the man behind Mr. Beast) seems like a genuinely nice and cool guy.

Heck, even I, as a grown man, watch his videos occasionally and subscribed to his YouTube channel.

That is, until this week.

Earlier this week, a handful of tweets went viral concerning one of the individuals involved in the world's most popular YouTube channel. Chris, one of Mr. Beast's best friends who appears in his videos frequently, started making heads turn with a decision he's recently made: The choice to abandon his wife and child and "transition" into a woman.

The man on the left, smiling with his wife and kid, is the same as the dude on the right with the long hair and women's clothing.

This is the person and lifestyle Mr. Beast is now trying to normalize in his fun little YouTube videos.

And every kid in America knows about it.

Chris is a dude who had been known to make fun of transgenderism, recognizing the physical impossibility of it even just a few years ago. He was a normal kid from North Carolina with a normal life and normal parents.

What the heck happened?

Two months of hormone replacement therapy.

Two months.

While we can't know what is happening inside Chris's mind, he has given us a peek inside, so we're able to pretty accurately guess the sorts of ideas and perversions that went into this decision.

What Chris Tyson publicly talked about and joked about on Twitter gives us a true insight into a mind that has been warped.

Yes, unfortunately, you read that right.

This is some absolutely insane and messed up stuff.

Pornography is THE scourge of our age, and the rabbit hole goes so deep that it's able to completely warp so many brains. Anime porn is often particularly mind-warping because people feel less dirty watching a cartoon, because it's not a real person after all, and then they can get into some truly bizarre things, like child-centered pornography, without feeling the same guilty conscience.

That's my two cents at least.

When Allie Beth Stuckey says "many such cases," she means it. You can check out her episode exploring the pornographic root of transgenderism in men. It's disturbing but very informative.

Reduxx, a feminist website, also has a write-up on Chris's transition.

[Language and content warning]

Pornography is so evil, and yeah, it should be banned.

I am not going to detail any of this any further, but I will pause for a moment here to remind you that this is someone YOUR KIDS, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren are watching every single day.

Mr. Beast isn't distancing himself from the controversy; he's totally accepting of Chris's lifestyle change and he is attempting to completely normalize it to your kids through his YouTube channel.

Of course, he's doing it to be "nice." But in reality, he is encouraging a father to abandon his wife and son in order to live out a bizarre fantasy. And he's teaching YOUR kids that this is totally normal and okay behavior. Heck, even commendable and brave behavior!

Many people, including "conservatives" like Don Jr. will say, "As long as they're 18," believing adults can do what they want as long as the kids aren't being transed.

The reality is that his child is now fatherless and his wife is now another trans widow. And that's 100% because we live in a porn-soaked, trans-affirming, sexual-liberation age.

There are still morals and standards you have to keep in society. Sometimes consent and being an adult aren't enough.

But we've lost all that. Everything is "affirming." Everything is only about consent. It's all about our own personal desires. Everything else, like responsibility, duty, and ownership all take a backseat.

Again, Mr. Beast is marketed to kids. They cut out all the cursing and the crudest things so that their videos won't be age-restricted.

If you let your children continue to be exposed to this, among Mr. Beast's fun games and charitable acts, they will be told that a man abandoning his family to change into the opposite sex is a good thing and that opposing it is wrong.

Act accordingly.

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