BLM co-founder makes list of demands for Sleepy Joe: "We want something for our vote."
· Nov 12, 2020 ·

Welp, there it is.

The party of unity seems to be coming apart at the seams. Whether it's moderate representatives slamming far-left elements of the party, potentially unseating Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, making lists of enemies to put in the future gulags, or continuing to riot for rioting's sake, the Democratic Party is having one heck of a time keeping things together in the wake of this election.

One can barely postulate why a political party that denies personal responsibility, affirms subjective reality, encourages infant sacrifice, and condones violence while calling peace racist would have trouble with team cohesion.

I mean, c'mon man!

Unlike conservatives, who are are at minimum unified around the Constitution, Declaration, American tradition, and the general common laws system of the land, the Left has created momentum on the platform of "BURN EVERYTHING DOWN." But as many a conquering king has discovered throughout history, once the city has been seized, the army wants its due – one way or another.

The first of the troops to demand their payment is BLM, which released a full statement this week to the Democratic elites telling them to pay up.

"Alongside black-led organizations around the nation, Black Lives Matter invested heavily in this election," wrote BLM co-founder and executive director Patrisse Cullors. "'Vote and Organize' became our motto, and our electoral justice efforts reached more than 60 million voters. We want something for our vote."

Immediately upon reading this, I was reminded of a scene from The Lion King. The evil lion Scar promised the hyenas a better, more glorious future if they would help him overthrow the king. At first, it was wonderful. The hyenas, freed from laws that limited their hunting, grew fat off the spoils of the land until they had ravaged it nearly beyond repair. Then, as soon as it was convenient and they realized Scar had lied, they tore him to pieces.

(Watch out, Joe)

Cullors went on to say their agenda must be prioritized (reminder: Cullors hides behind the idea of a "civil rights" agenda while saying herself that they are literal Marxists). She also said they will not tolerate "the indifference of a Democrat-controlled government."

"President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris: both of you discussed addressing systemic racism as central to your election campaigns," said Cullors. "Both of you expressed regrets regarding your record on issues impacting black people. The best way to ensure that you remedy past missteps and work towards a more just future for black people - and by extension all people - is to take your direction from black grassroots organizers that have been engaged in this work for decades."

The records of which Cullors speaks are, of course, Biden's support of the 1994 crime bill that sent hundreds of thousands of black men to prison and Harris's 27 years as a California prosecutor enforcing harsh sentences that disproportionately impacted black communities. There are also those other incidents of Biden siding with segregationists in 1977 (yes folks, this man who wants to change Washington was already in office when the original Star Wars released), praising Obama as an "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" in 2007, and saying "poor kids" are just as smart as "white kids" in 2019.

While BLM and AOC have the luxury of spouting Marxists screeds, most representatives – including Biden and Harris – do not. There are tens of millions of Americans who still think their party is that of John F. Kennedy's, and for some unknown reason still believe ABC and CBS are objective media outlets.

Some of these deer-in-the-headlights voters have been shocked to learn that Biden wants to crush our economy by pushing totalitarian government lockdown, despite Biden saying it himself and conservative outlets attempting to raise the alarm for months. Others have been shocked by the violence of BLM and other leftist groups, especially when Biden told them such violence was just an "idea."

All it's going to take to wake those old-school Democratic voters up is a little more violence here and a little more chaos there once the scapegoat known as Orange Man Bad goes away. Biden is caught between maintaining the illusion for them and appeasing the radical factions of his army that want their cut. When Cullors tells Biden and Harris to "take your direction from black grassroots organizers," she's in essence asking for the keys for the kingdom. You can bet she won't stop until she has them.

The hyenas are circling, and it's only going to get worse.

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