This is the wildest story you'll read this week
· Aug 7, 2023 ·

This isn't satire.

No really, it's not satire.

Sam Bankman-Fried's younger brother, who was a top lobbyist for failed crypto exchange FTX, considered purchasing the island nation of Nauru in the Pacific to create a fortified apocalypse bunker state, a lawsuit filed in Delaware bankruptcy court shows.

Gabe Bankman-Fried was looking at buying Nauru in the "event where 50%-99.99% of people die" to protect his philanthropic allies and create a genetically enhanced human species, according to the suit filed Thursday by attorneys from Sullivan & Cromwell, which is seeking to recover billions of dollars following the collapse of FTX.

Where do we even go from here?

Gabe Bankman-Fried was FTX's most visible presence in Washington, D.C., and was connected to bipartisan charitable donations that ran into the hundreds of millions. Along with an unnamed philanthropic officer of FTX, he considered buying Nauru, in part to foster "sensible regulation around human genetic enhancement, and build a lab there."

So the brother of the world's largest crypto scammer/money launderer (who was just released by the Feds cuz of his pals in high places) reportedly wanted to buy an island where they could create superhumans to repopulate the earth after everyone else gets killed off?

Oh, and this brother, who is part of a family that's deeply involved with politicians across the Western world and entities like the WEF, is also the founder of a group called "Guarding Against Pandemics."

Holy literal James Bond movie plot...

"The human race as you know it will cease to exist. Then, the rebirth: A new world."

In addition to serving as a haven in case of apocalypse, "probably there are other things it's useful to do with a sovereign country, too," according to a memo between the younger Bankman-Fried and the philanthropic advisor, which was noted in the suit.

It makes you wonder what other shenanigans our elite Bond-villain class is up to!

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