Asked About Countries That Handled Covid Well, Bill Gates Cites Quarantine-Camp-And-Insane-Lockdown Australia As Example Of "Good Response"
· May 7, 2022 ·

Some of us have learned a lot from the 2020 pandemic.

Like how we can't trust the government and how the "trusted experts" were really only looking for power and not at all concerned with people's health.

Another thing we should have all learned is not to trust some computer nerd to tell us how to respond to a public health crisis.

And this particular nerd, Bill Gates, is the worst of them all.

Here's Gates in an interview saying that of all the countries in the world, Australia handled Covid the best.

Well there weren't many countries (that handled Covid well) but a few responded very quickly to scale up the level of diagnostics and then they had quarantine policies that were well adhered to.

So, Australia stands out, and their death rate is about 10% of other rich countries, so pretty dramatic benefit.

Yes, Australia, the country with some of the strictest lockdowns outside of China, is seen as an exemplar for the future according to Gates.

If you just click on the "Australia" tag on top of this article you will see DOZENS of stories about just how anti-human Australia has been.

But there are a few examples of the unthinkable evil in Australia: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Just a few examples of the evil that Gates calls a "good" response.

Also, these things all happened even though Australia is an island physically protected from the pandemic.

We all learned lessons from Covid, but Gates and I learned VERY different lessons.

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